On Monday, October 22, 2018 vote



for Kanata North City Councillor

Dear Friends and Neighbours in Kanata North,

I’d first like to express my thanks to the constituents’ in the ward for welcoming me to your doorsteps, your kindness and your engagement in this election. I’d also like to take this chance to thank the other candidates in the race for Kanata North. It has been an honour.


My mission in this community has always been, and continues to be, one of service. While it’s true that the focus of my campaign has been to restore Bill Teron’s vision for our community, staff policing, and fight for LRT to Kanata, it’s really about the service of the people who live here. From big picture issues like stopping the deforestation of our lands, or getting Light Rail to Kanata in a timely fashion, it’s also about paving curbs to make wheelchairs and walkers accessible, or extending the time that traffic signals allow for people to cross intersections safely, or cutting grass, or filling potholes. There is no issue too big, or small, that I won’t address.


Service of the people in Kanata North has been my mission for many years. That’s why I’ve devoted almost 14 years to volunteer community leadership in our ward. I’ve been honoured to be elected president of two of our community associations - both Briarbrook-Morgan’s Grant, and Kanata Lakes. I’ve run Multicultural Festivals and Winter Family Fun days, but also run meetings on crime, transit, roads, or development. Predictable, common-sense, decision-making, with your input, is something you can depend on, no matter what comes.


I’m often asked what makes me different from the other candidates in this election. Some are concerned that our out-going councillor has endorsed someone who doesn’t live in the community of Kanata North, others are concerned that another candidate has ties to the mayor that might compromise decision-making. I’m certain that these candidates will make a fine choice for you, but I do indeed live here, and I am not beholden to the political elite, nor the corporate elite - I stand for the people.  


I humbly ask for your support on October 22nd, and I’m deeply grateful to those of you have already voted, or will vote. Your participation in this election, no matter who you vote for, is appreciated and valued.

Please call or email me at any time – I’m here to serve you!


Warm regards,

""Matt, I have always enjoyed your intellect, your energy and       enthusiasm. You will make a  great councillor or mayor. "

- Bill Teron, 2013