Dear Friends and Neighbours in Arcadia,

When I ran for council in 2014, placing a strong second to now-retiring Marianne Wilkinson, Arcadia was basically a neighbourhood under construction. It is now, however, a fulsome community with great neighbours and even more growth to come. But with growth comes many challenges.

I am here to serve you as those challenges approach, should I earn your support on October 22nd.


My mission is to serve you, and I have many priorities that link explicitly to Arcadia. Some of these will not be easy to accomplish without significant policy amendments, and will require me to stand up to Developers and Planning Staff to demand better. I have the community leadership experience you can count on to work for you. I will be on your side, always.



  • Repair and repave Huntmar Drive, including adding sidewalks for pedestrians. Right now, Huntmar is crumbling, sometimes flooded, and definitely unsafe for pedestrians. The City has an obligation to use Development Charges to fund road and infrastructure projects and meet the needs of residents.

  • Install traffic lights at the busy intersection of Huntmar and Richardson Sideroad.

  • Connect Campeau Drive to Terry Fox Drive without further delay. Campeau’s extension has been delayed time-after-time, but building in the area has continued unimpeded. Either provide the necessary pathways and bridges for the existing community, including parks, or halt development until such time as the infrastructure meets the needs of Arcadians. I think it is ridiculous that to get to the grocery store or other services, the people of Arcadia are essentially forced to drive.

  • As you may know, the Province missed the opportunity to appropriately widen the bridge across the 417 when they updated it. I will be seeking a cost-sharing agreement between the Developers of Arcadia and Fairwinds and the CTC (for as long as the Ottawa Senators remain) and the Provincial Government to make the bridge pedestrian-friendly at the earliest opportunity.



  • Part of my platform is to allocate more funds to policing. A study from 2014 found the Ottawa Police Service the third-most understaffed in the country. No wonder we’ve been unable to maintain proactive policing and presence in our community! Speeding, vandalism, theft and other issues require our force to be appropriately funded as the community grows.


Much more to come! Call or email me any time!