Some people have asked how it is that Bill Teron's words are in my literature. As a mentor to me, and an inspiration for this campaign, I recalled an email between he and I where he said that one day I'd make a great councillor, or even mayor! The full email exchange is below:

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Date: July 11, 2013 at 3:50:03 PM EDT
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Subject: RE: Council Election 2014


Hi Matt,

Nice to hear from you. It was great to talk to you again.  I have always enjoyed your intellect, your energy and enthusiasm. You will make a  great councillor or mayor if and when you enter the political world.

As you know I have been with Marianne Wilkinson for over 50 years.  I have been her honorary chairman the last two terms.  I will stick with her as long as she decides to stay in politics.  

Once she decides to leave politics, I would love to have a chat with you to discuss your thoughts and agenda. 

Best wishes for your long term involvement in the community.

Best regards,  


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Subject: Council Election 2014

Hi Bill,

It was lovely seeing you and your wife at the recent Jim Malone Park renaming event! It's always good to chat with you. 

The reason for my email is that I intend to stand for city council next year to replace Marianne (although she hasn't said whether she will indeed retire, at this point, or not). 

I know it's rather bold of me to ask, so please forgive my forthrightness, but I'm wondering if you'd consider supporting my bid to run for councillor of Kanata North.

I realize the longstanding relationship you have with Marianne, and I am in no way wanting to interfere with that, but I am currently organizing for the campaign. Your support would be perhaps the most important of my career. 

Of course your decision may be more difficult if Marianne doesn't step aside, as she previously said she would, but I'm a believer in planning ahead. 

I know that you and I have worked well together on development files, and I both respect and admire your continued interest in Kanata's future. I would be a fool not to ask you if you'd consider supporting me as someone who can take your vision for Kanata into the future. 

Again, please forgive my boldness in asking, but I think I am well-positioned to succeed - immeasurably moreso with your support. 

I've cc'd Chris as well, since he will also recall our meetings in Beaverbrook, and might be interested in the coming council race. 

Let me know your thoughts at your convenience - and sincerest thanks for your consideration.

Warmest regards,


Matt Muirhead
Kanata Lakes Community Association